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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Craft Weekend!

I was so fortunate to be picked in the random lotto to go to Craft Weekend, hosted by Meg Duerksen & her amazing sidekicks Kimberlee and Ashley.  So many amazing things to say about this weekend....really great crafts, amazing women that I can now call friends, to-die-for food, and so much fun!  Not a lot of sleep...but hey, you can't have it all...  :)

We were greeted by a super-yummy dinner from Kimberlee and a bunch of great swag, provided by some really great companies....gorgeous stuff!

I love me some great fabric, and there was no shortage...picking was so hard, but I narrowed it down to these...

...and I'm still in awe that in just a few hours, that cute fabric became all ruffled...

...and then turned into this cuteness!  All from a girl who's only ever sown straight-line curtains!

Bear-ly Makin' It Antiques in Marion, Kansas gets a big vote from me...I love how organized this place is!!  Talk about great finds...

And no good weekend is complete without a trip to Sonic...yum!

We all found great stuff...Meg said our group spent the most time shopping, but she also said we came away with the most stuff.  She was pretty willing for us to leave it all in her house!  

I have been looking for Dr. Pepper crates for a while....yay!

Need to take some final pics of the other crafts, along with some other goodness from the weekend....will put that up soon!

The bottom line on Craft Weekend:  totally and absolutely worth it!  It is such a gift, in so many ways...talk about doing your soul serious good.


  1. Hiya!

    Just popped over from Megs blog. Your weekend looks like so much fun! I would love to go but live in the UK so it would be an expensive flight : )

    Gemma x

    1. That would be a little pricey... :) Maybe worth it if you could pair it with another reason to come...enjoy the pics & living vicariously!

  2. Loved seeing your pics. You need to post the one Meg took of your cute belly in your apron! Be sure to let me know if you're ever in Fort Worth! Really enjoyed meeting you!