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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Neglected Bathroom

So what started out as Spring Cleaning quickly turned into "man, these towels look terrible....how old are they??", and then after seeing this post by Lisa Leonard of her cute re-do of her boys' bathroom, it quickly became a desire for a mini facelift.  Other than daily use & cleaning, we have done nothing to our master bathroom since we moved in almost 2 years ago....it received a mishmash of things...an old (albiet still cute) shower curtain, old guest bath towels, baskets from wherever.  Anyway...here's the before...

I really have to laugh about the "FUN" towel (part of a "GOOD CLEAN FUN" set)...we I registered for them for our wedding, and I was so excited to get them...Mark was less than thrilled.  The best part of this re-do for him was saying good-bye to those towels...  :)

Here's the after...loving that it's a little more cohesive...that it's a lot more us.

My favorite part of this was digging through old pictures, searching for ones with orange...great memories of this trip to San Fran in 2005...excited to remember this now every day while I get ready!