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On the Nightstand

Saw this recommended in Parenting magazine, and this mom of 5 kids has some serious credentials just because of all the parenting life she's lived.  The book has 10 chapters (read: short, fast read!), and it's got some really good stuff in it....and not pie in the sky stuff....really practical stuff.  I really liked the every day application of what Meagan had to say...definitely worth the read for ways to make your life easier, and in turn, a little happier!

This was a gift from my friend Tara (thanks Tara!)...we had read the first book by these ladies, titled "I was a Good Mom Before I had Kids", also a great read.  Both books sound hilarious, and they are funny, but there's some pretty serious stuff in both.  Lots about addressing and dealing with expectations in marriage & life with kids...good things to be thinking through, but also some self-evaluation too.  Their books are fast reads...and definitely ones I'd recommend to friends in the same boat.

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