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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Non-Girly Baby Shower

Our dear friends are prepping to have a baby (actually, he was born last week, so this post is waaaaay overdue)...well, they were prepping to have a baby, and because it's their third baby, we wanted to do something fun for them, but not like the typical shower you might have for a first baby.  My husband was also very adamant that if it was co-ed, it couldn't include all that girly stuff.  We ended up doing a party with drinks & appetizers, with the "cover charge" being a package of diapers or wipes.  Here's a few highlights:

 Painted Mason jars...my new addiction...thanks to Joy's Hope...

 Mark was pretty mad that I took paint cards from Home Depot...something or other about the price of paint cards going up because I took 15 of each color...sigh...

Yummy raspberry vanilla ice cream cups....delish!

Me, the beautiful mom Kelly, and my fellow co-host & friend Heather

Co-host hubby Brett, dad of honor Brett, and Mark


  1. Oh my! I am sooooo swiping paint cards next time I go to the home improvement store!!! That is the cutest idea for the bridal shower I am hosting in a few months. :) Just found your blog through a "craft weekend" post on another site. Congrats on boy #3. I have 4 of them and love them to pieces. Enjoy the noise.

    1. I am so addicted to paint card projects...very happy to share! Thanks for the encouraging words about boys....so very excited to have another in our house soon!